Today I tell you what I like about sewing.

I love to create.

I am not speaking of thinking, or brooding, and then spitting out what my intellect has thought up. I am talking of making something. Of bringing it into life.

I love the process of cutting, and stitching, and pressing, and cutting again. Of piecing tiny bits of fabric together into something larger. And as I am going, this something grows, in dimension and colour.

© 2011 by Heike Scharmann

Of course, you need to think while going. And I like it that you need really much imagination at first. Because at first sight, these scraps of fabric seem to not fit to each other. But I have constantly in mind what is to become of them. I try and I err. Experience sometimes helps. Sometimes it’s in the way.

In the end, there is some kind of satisfaction—and pride. But not in a peacockish way. I am happy that I actually have done this, that it is beautiful, and that I can do so much more.

I am often asked “How do you find the patience for such a work? How long did it take you? How do you find the time?” I don’t get these questions at all. I don’t need patience for this. I am not doing a queensize quilt in one day. I am not calculating in advance how long it will take me to finish it. And I never have to look out for time.

I feel like sewing, and I sew. Maybe for ten minutes, maybe for five hours at a time. It is only in retrospective that you can say: Wow, that must have taken a long time! Or in anticipation that you ask: How long will it take me? Am I ever going to finish it?

These are not my questions. I am always sewing in the present. I am creating in the present. And as you might already have guessed, this is true for every creative process. Be it sewing, or painting, or photography, or carpentering a nesting box. It takes but a little step to start it off.