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In Laurie Hird’s book, 55 letters written by farm wives inspired the 111 blocks. Frankly, I cannot comprehend how the letters are connected with the blocks most of the time.

But I do understand the connection between the blocks’ names and their design. I have the greatest fun in reading the headline above the block and then finding out how the design does justice to the block’s name.

Sometimes, it is very obvious, other times a little harder.

© 2012 by Heike Scharmann

Windows is not too obvious, I believe. Especially not the plural. But then it is a sampler and you have to bear in mind that each block of a sampler could or should be used to make a whole quilt with only this one block repeated over and over again. In that case, Windows makes perfect sense.

Just for fun: my imaginary Windows quilt:

© 2012 by Heike Scharmann