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This is one of the blocks that have a twin—or almost a twin. Windblown Square and Whirlpool were real twins. The sibling block of Temperance Tree is the Pine Tree block, the trunk’s width being the only alteration.

Fabric choice on this block was not easy. I very much hoverd between having the triangles pointing to the inside in a darker shade or the triangles pointing to the outside. Finally, I decided to go with Laurie, although—devoid of Laurie’s example—I would have done it the other way round, intuitively. Maybe I will try this option when sewing the Pine Tree block.

Temperance Tree

© 2012 by Heike Scharmann

Another peculiarity of this block is the number of single pieces of which Temperance Tree consists: as many as 42! This is second place, so far, only outdone by Wood Lily with 57 pieces, but still one of the most difficult blocks, so far.