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When considering the fabrics for this block, I wanted to express more than just sky and one or two streaks of lightning. I wanted to have the full picture of a thunderstorm in this 4,5″ square.

Streak of Lightning

© 2012 by Heike Scharmann

First of all, I decided that there must be more than two colours in this block. Did you ever notice the different shades of blue the sky can have during a thunder storm? There is the earth (green), often in a strange unearthly light, minutes before the clouds extinguish the sun. Colours are very clear and the shapes particularly distinct. Then there is the lightning, of course. Some flashes are brighter than others. The sky is devided into two parts, at least: one is rather bright, like the sky was before the storm, and the other is so very dark you would not believe the sky to be able to be so dark (except at night). These heavy clouds carry the rain that wash both sky and earth, leaving behind a new shiny and spotless world.