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A client of my sister’s passed away and the relatives didn’t know what to do with her unfinished needleworks. So they gave it to my sister because they knew she would make something of it or find someone who would. The old lady left this cross stitched birch tree half done and my sister asked me to finish it. It was’t too easy because there was neither thread nor a pattern. A picture of the kit’s cover was all that could be found. So I used thread from my stash and hoped it wouldn’t stand out too much. Fortunately, it didn’t and only on a closer look you may distinguish her work and mine.

(c) 2014 by hs

(c) 2014 by hs

When I had finished the cross stitching, I still didn’t know what to make of the piece. Then I found the design for a table topper which I thought would suit my purpose very well. And this is the result. I think I’ll sell it in my sister’s shop.