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There is a quilt pattern I admired for a long time. It is quite common, and I saw it in quilt shops, at quilt exhibitions and in books. And I always wanted to do a quilt with just this pattern. I didn’t know its name and I had no plans to find out—until I stumbled upon it once again on the last visit to my favourite quilt shop which will be closing forever in a few days.

I grabbed it, of course, and added it to all my pickings. The pattern is by Thimble Blossoms, named Mini Wild Thing (Mini, because it is the miniature version of the orginal pattern). And since I am on a mini trip these past months it suited me even better. I thought it would be the perfect pattern for my christmas prints.


(c) 2014 by hs

I had great fun in making these tiny blocks. But different from the pattern, I wanted to make more and have no borders instead. So this is the second quilt top I made in a very short time. I already sandwiched it, like the Jelly Roll Baby Quilt, and put it aside. I will quilt them both when the weather is getting cold …

(c) by hs

(c) 2014 by hs