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Do you know this? All of a sudden—or rather gradually, but then one day you come to fully realise with a certain sureness—your interests focus. I have experienced this recently.

I’ve been quilting now for as much as … twenty years, more or less. And during that time I can happily say that I acquired many new skills: different sewing techniques, from paper piecing to appliqué, from curved design to y-seams, from hand to machine quilting; knowledge of colour, fabric, thread, and batting. I was and am always happy to learn new things, and luckily some little practice always helped me to come up with beautiful results.

In the quilting world, there are many different styles and fashions, just like in many other areas where people create. There are quilters completely specialised in modern quilts, others in children’s quilts or memory quilts. Some like to do small projects only, like bags or table toppers, and others have their heart set on doing chiefly large quilts.

I have tried all of the above. And I pretty well know what I like and what I would rather leave it for other quilters to accomplish. I thought I knew that my true love was doing big quilts. And I still do. But these past weeks I somehow took to the idea of doing mini quilts—which is very much in vogue these days—or rather quilts with a small scale design. And moreover, I suddenly took a fancy to reproduction fabrics—which is not too hot these days, I gather. I bought books about repro quilts. I surfed the net for small scale designs.

All of a sudden, no other quilts seem to interest me anymore. At least not more than to elicit an appraising nod. But any time I see a quilt done with reproduction fabrics I devour it with my eyes. I want to take in every tiny bit of fabric used, study its design and colour. I foraged my stash for repro fabric (and came up with more than I ever thought). And of course I bought repro fabrics. And I will surely share with you anytime soon my own reproduction quilts.