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(c) 2015 by hs

(c) 2015 by hs

Reading other blogger’s creative outflow is a good source for your own creativity, can be stimulating and above all is fun! Looking at the enormous variety of blogs and bloggers—each so unique—one cannot help but find lots of opportunities for a good read. Today, I’d like to share some of the blogs I like to read.

First, a blog that is rather incoherent with my standard topic of all quilt related things. It is a photo blog with many thoughtful notes on Canada—by a non-Canadian:


Next are three quilting/sewing blogs that I always enjoy reading in order to get some inspiration, learn about some new fabric line or technique I never tried before, or just admire what other quilters make.

Lucie The Happy Quilter’s Blog


Wombat Quilts

There are so many others out there. I encourage you to never stop browsing!