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(c) 2016 by hs

I am very busy working on the fourth season of my Celtic Ladies series. But I am not yet able to show you any pictures. Only this I will say: Spring is going to be beautiful!

But, as I needed a little break from all the cross stitching, and I longed for my sewing machine, I allowed myself a morning of sewing. And since I wanted to have quick results, I decided to sew some potholders.


(c) 2016 by hs

I found a piece of quilt panel which must have lain in my closet for some years now, and made those the centre of each potholder.


(c) 2016 by hs


I added some logs and made them a log cabin block. For the backs, I used a dear print that was left over from my Seaside Cotillion.


(c) 2016 by hs

After that, I still felt the urge of making a proper quilt block from scratch and sewed these two churn dash blocks. I really love a good old patchwork pattern.


(c) 2016 by hs

They are all 8 inches square with a robust hanger of four layers of fabric. Inside, I used one layer of some random batting and one layer Insule Brite so that no one will get his fingers burnt.

I might give them away, by and by, unless they are not bought before at my etsy Shop.