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In March, I started my biggest cross stitching project so far. And now, after eight months, I actually finished it. It is called “Bagatelle” by Long Dog Samplers.


(c) 2016 by hs

The pattern tells me that it has been inspired by the white work band samplers which reached their peak during the reign of the English monarch Charles I (1625–1649). And I very much like this idea.


(c) 2016 by hs


I used a 32 count cotton (Belfast) in middle blue, and white floss, stitching with two strands over two threads. Of course, the pattern comes without a list of materials because the size of the work and hence the amount of floss needed depends upon your own choice of fabric. In my case, this beautiful picture took half a metre of cotton and 22 skeins.

Finally, I must admit that I omitted the one stranded back stitching. It was supposed to be done in a second colour in four of the seven rows. I tried twice but it didn’t look nice to me so I decided to leave it out. Still, I’m very pleased with the result.