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(c) 2016 by hs

I’ve been a quilter now for almost twenty years, and I’ve never done English Paper Piecing. It has a reason: I don’t like the shape of hexagons too well. It sounds strange and I can’t really explain it.

The reason I started a hexie quilt anyway was that I liked the idea of carrying along with me a small hand sewing project. To tell the truth: I carried this one along with me once, on a weekend retreat, rehearsing with our orchestra. Never before and never again. I found out that I don’t like carrying my sewing projects along with me. I like to work on my quilts at home, and when away I like doing whatever I went away for.


(c) 2016 by hs

To make a long story short: it took me several years, I guess as many as seven or more, to finish this one small quilt. It makes me quite ashamed.—But in the end, I should be proud of me for finally finishing a project I never warmed to.

There’s one further special thing about this mini quilt (14.5 x 26 inches): I used four old shirts of my husband to make it. A rather bittersweet fact, now that we are separated since four years. That’s the reason I won’t sell this quilt, although maybe I should.


(c) 2016 by hs

I used one inch (self-made) paper hexagons. I sewed the basted hexies together in rows, and appliquéd the whole piece on a blue background. Then I hand quilted it, using two layers of a low loft polyester batting. The only time I used my sewing machine for this mini was when sewing the binding to the front side. It is kind of cool to remember that.


(c) 2016 by hs